Brolga Crushes

  • Cost effective cattle handling
  • Design proven over 40 years
  • Low maintenance pre-galvanised construction
  • Grease nipples on swing arm pivots

* Many Customisations to these are available. Please use the “Product Enquiry” button below or phone us about your needs.

Options :
Near or offside operation
Crush floor
Panel lugs fitted to specification
Bolt-on Lugs fitted to specification
Weigh scales
Load cell mounting points
Load cell display mount and cable guarding
Baulk gates
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The Brolga range is ideal for small herd applications. It is designed for general cattle handling with safety of the animal and operator its primary objectives. Proven design from one of the oldest manufacturers in the industry.

Head Bail

  • Full walk through head bail
  • 700 mm internal width
  • Rugged ratchet operation
  • Adjustable head lifting bars

Short Crush

  • Rear slide gate with locking latch
  • Spilt gates working side
  • Bolt down tabs for mounting
  • Ergonomic slam catches on gates

Vet Crush

  • Vet section doors
  • Kick protection door

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Near or offside operation, Crush floor, Panel lugs fitted to specification, Bolt-on Lugs fitted to specification, Weigh scales, Load cell mounting points, Load cell display mount and cable guarding, Baulk gates