Throughout our many years of business, we have always been a believer in the people of the bush community. Part of this means we should also be prepared to put OurYour money, where our mouth is. Talk is cheap, action gets things done!
It means we must support our community where and whenever it is possible.

Times are tough at the moment, and this is felt right throughout all aspects of the community including, Charities, local Sporting and Recreational Groups, and Community Events like Show days, Market days and Christmas Street parties.

We help in a variety of ways with, Donations of prizes, Donations of money, Loan Products or Loan Equipment, even Man-Power.

We thought we would create this page so that you can see more about us as a local and community business and Where Yours and Our money goes and some of the appreciation certificates and letters that have been kindly sent in to us, in recent times. So thank you to these organisers, and thank you to the community for supporting us too.



(In no specific order)

2017 Adavale Sport Recreation

2017 Hungerford Field Day

2016 School of Distance Education

2016 Wyandra Horse and Bike Gymkana

2017 Wyandra Horse and Bike Gymkana

Pony Club 2017